Small Animals


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Reuben - Animal Number - 121 Reuben is approximately 1 year old. He is a very curious young boy who makes ned friends quickly. Reuben enjoys cuddles and getting lots…


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Rascal - Animal Number - 136 Rascal has been appropriately named as it matches up well with his cheeky and outgoing personality. Rascal can be a little wiggy and feisty…

Peapod, Sugarsnap, Fig and Butterbean

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Peapod, Sugarsnap, Fig and Butterbean Animal Number 131,132,133 and 134 Peapod, Sugarsnap, Fig and Butterbean are 2 sets of brothers who are approximately 1-2 years old. They are very curious degu…


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P.J – Animal Number 116 – Arrival Date March 2019. P.J is a brilliant ball of fluff, P.J likes to do things in his own time as he is a…

Rosie & Cotton

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Rosie & Cotton - Animal Numbers 59 & 60 - Arrival Date September 2018. Rosie is a lovely girl who enjoys having your attention and being fussed over. She loves…

All animals may not be on the website, please call reception on 0191 215 0435 if you can’t find what you’re looking for.If you are interested in a particular animal that you see here on the  website, please ring our Benton North Farm shelter on 0191 215 0435 or pop in during our opening hours.