A Crowded Cattery

This year has been as busy as ever for our two cattery’s at both our Arrivals Centre and Rehoming Centre.

Every year, we receive hundreds of cats and kittens who need our help. We are extremely fortunate to have an excellent maternity suite for pregnant cats and newborn kittens.

We need your help to continue to look after more cats in need. We are inundated with phone calls to help cats in the area and we must help as many as we can.

Please donate below if you can. For information about rehoming a cats and kittens, please click here.

Who Have We Helped?


Reggie is a 3 year old tom cat who arrived into our care in October 2019.

On arrival he has restricted movement in his left hind leg which our vets believed to be due to his pelvic bones being mispositioned.

Reggie had x-rays to confirm this and he then had a surgical procedure that removes the head of the femur within the hip joint.

After surgery, Reggie had 24 hour care and needed extra care to get his rehabilitated so we could get him ready to find his forever home.

Reggie now lives with two younger feline brothers. He doesn’t have any trouble keeping up with them, zooming around the house and getting up to mischief.


Hermione arrived into our care when she was 3 months old back in December 2018. She was left abandoned in a cat carrier outside our Benton North Farm shelter.

Hermione had a horrific flea allergy; she was covered in scabs had bald patches over her body and in obvious pain and discomfort. She was rushed to the vets to begin treatment immediately to try and ease her pain.

We trialled various treatments which would clear her condition up, only for the condition to return as soon as the medication was stopped. One of our staff members fostered Hermione to see if this would make a difference, however it didn’t.

After 18 months of trying different treatments, we eventually managed to get Hermione’s condition under control. Hermione was eventually able to go to her forever home with treatment for both her skin condition and arthritis in her back legs.