Our Dogs

If you are interested in rehoming any of the dogs on this page, please fill out the form on their profile.

We are running on minimal staff so please keep checking this page for new dogs, rather than contacting us via phone or email as all dogs looking for homes will be posted to this page once they are ready.


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Louie- Dog Number 887 - Age (approx) 7 years old - Springer Spaniel - Arrival Date November 2020 Louie is looking for a home with older children, Aged 16+, Louie…


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Marley- Dog Number 969 - Age (approx) 6 Years old - Jackahuahua - Arrival Date December 2020 Marley needs an adult only home with no other animals or dogs Marley…


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Tara- Dog Number 909 - Age (approx) 7 Years old - Lurcher - Arrival Date November 2020 Tara is suitable to be rehomed with children and other dogs but sadly…


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Riley - Dog Number 865 - Age (approx) 5 Years old - SBT - Arrival Date November 2020 Riley could live with children aged 6+, he can't live with small…


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Izzy- Dog Number 928 - Age (approx) 10 Years old - Jack Russell Terrier - Arrival Date September 2020 Izzy needs to be in an adult only home with no…


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Tyson - Dog Number 810 - Age (approx) 2 Years old - Rottweiler - Arrival Date October 2020 Tyson can be rehomed with older children 16 years plus, he can…