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Missing Pets


By | Missing Pets

Paddy is 16 years old and missing since Monday from Westgarth NE5.
As an elderly frail cat with health issues it is extreme out of character for him to leave the house or miss meals. He is always just sleeping in his bed.
Paddy is a black neutered male. He is thin with health issues and unkempt as he recently stopped grooming himself. I’ve been having to brush him. I believe he may have taken himself off to die. If he has we desperately need closure. He is microchipped. 07401217161. Thanks


By | Missing Pets

Loki went missing around 5pm on Friday 28th April 2023. We live in riding mill (ne44 6ax) which is where he went missing from but we know in the past he has jumped into vehicles. 

His distinguishing marks I would say are the fact he’s white down the front of his chest and with white front legs with patches and white feet. A little brown patch under his chin right side. Right hand side of his face is a white bit going up to his eye with a smaller brown patch besides his nose than the opposite side. 

Loki is microchipped but there has been issues with this so may not come up as chipped.

Please contact us on stephen-baker@hotmail.co.uk


By | Missing Pets

Mittens had been missing since beginning of February from the Chapel House area of Newcastle.

He moved from Westerhope last year and he keeps attempting to make his way back to his old house.

He isn’t chipped, is approx 5 years old, very friendly and will approach strangers for a head rub happily.

Used to children, but not other animals.


Missing dog

By | Missing Pets

This dog has been missing from the Southwick/Monkwearmouth area in Sunderland since the 24th of March 2023.

Please do not attempt to capture, shout, whistle or chase.

Please text 07947866582 with any sightings, the area and the time seen.


By | Missing Pets

Leo has been missing since 19th February 2023. He was wearing a glittery red collar at the time, he is an outdoor cat and from the Heworth area in Gateshead. He is microchipped and our details are all up to date. Please email sarahjacobs1@live.co.uk if you have any information please.


By | Missing Pets

Puccini has been missing since the 14th of February 2023 from Hadston in Northumberland.

He is is a male neutered very fluffy ginger and white cat. He is almost 3.

If anyone has any information, please contact 07794441690.


By | Missing Pets

This male cat was found in the Kenton NE3 area, they unfortunately aren’t chipped so the owner can’t be contacted. The cat is believed to be around 1 year old.

If you believe this could be your cat please contact us on info@dogandcatshelter.com


By | Missing Pets

Daisy is a 16 year old female missing from the Percy Road area, Whitley Bay.

She has a distinctive lump near her left ear. She is usually an indoor cat so is not used to roaming.

If you have any information about Daisy, please contact 07809220344.