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Missing Pets


By | Missing Pets

Is a 1 year old, ginger and white tom cat.

He has been missing since Friday 20/01/23 night time and is usually not an outdoor cat so very out of character for him.

He is very very friendly and will accept a stroke or cuddle from anyone. He (hopefully) still has his collar on which is black and white and has his name and number on.

Please contact 07895678936 if sighted or found. We are worried sick and just want our baby home safe and sound.


By | Missing Pets

This is my cat Tiggy. He has been missing since Saturday 14th January 2023. He has been neutered but not chipped since I’ve only had him a week.

He went missing from Sydney Grove in Wallsend. If you see him near there or nearby (Mullen Road, Exeter Road, Sunholme Estate etc) please contact me on 07956700656.

I miss him very much.


By | Missing Pets

Kai has been missing from Elgin, Moray, Scotland since the 24th of October.

Kai is microchipped and neutered.

His family are heart broken and missing him very much.

If anyone has any information, please contact 07826755730


By | Missing Pets

Misssing from the Ashington area, Mack is 15 years old, he went missing on Saturday 12th of November 2022.

He has early on set arthritis so his back looks skinny and frail.

If anyone has seen him or took Mack into their home please contact 07867744154.


By | Missing Pets

My cat Alex has been missing from Rosewood Gardens just off Kenton Lane since Saturday 12th November. 

Alex is a grey and white, rather chubby male cat approximately 12 years old. 

He hates the out doors and never normally ventured more than 2 meters from the door (even in the sunshine).

Alex is very affectionate with a loud purr but little actual meow/voice.

I have attached photos for your reference and can be contacted on 07717872604 should he be handed in or found. 

Thank you so much for your help.


By | Missing Pets

Flora has been missing from the Great Park area since the 8th of November 2022.

Flora is microchipped, she’s ginger all over and very fluffy with a big bushy tail and yellow eyes and she’s quite timid and shy. She answers to Flora and Florrie.

If anyone has any information, please contact 01912170214.


By | Missing Pets

Alfie has been missing from Quantock Avenue, Chester-le-Street since the 21st of October 2022.

He is 9 years old, chipped, neutered, white with brown markings and has his full tail.

Please see the poster below for more information.


By | Missing Pets

Gizmo has been missing from Whitley Lodge (NE26) since 20th October

He is approx. 8-9 years old, in good health, chipped and neutered. He is a Grey and White tabby. He was wearing a green snap collar with a green bell and reflective strip around it. He has quite a distinguishable ear due to an injury from when he was a kitten

Please check Gardens, Garages and Sheds and call Joanne on 07912 077 093 if found


By | Missing Pets

Misty escaped from window on Haydon drive, Wallsend about 10pm 14th October.

She doesn’t know the area as only moved here 3 weeks ago.

Very friendly and answers to Misty.

Not wearing a collar but is microchipped and neutered.

If anyone has any information, please contact 07708118731.