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By 24th June 2021Cats

Zelda – Cat Number 1153 – Age (approx) 15 years old – Arrival Date March 2021

Zelda is an outdoor cat who could live with children age 10+.

Zelda is an older sweetheart who really likes a nice cuddle, she just needs a little encouragement. She can often be found hiding in one of her little cosy spots but she’s happy for you to come over to stroke her, and with some encouragement she will come out to say hello, she finds strokes very reassuring. She doesn’t need any encouragement when it’s feeding time however, and she’s always at the front of her pen to greet you when there’s food involved!

Overall Zelda is a very sweet, quiet older girl who is a little timid. Despite this she is still happy to see her humans and loves being given attention and a good chin scratch and this can help her feel more comfortable. Zelda would be best suited to a calm, quiet home who have lots of love to give her while also having patience and understanding that she will need time and encouragement to fully feel comfortable and be able to relax and gain confidence in her humans. She would like lots of cosy, safe hiding spots where she can feel secure and spend her days curled up snoozing away.

Zelda has suffered from gastro-intestinal issues while in our care so at the moment she is on Purina HA dry food only which is helping. Please note that any gastro-intestinal issues would be classed as a pre-existing condition and would likely be excluded by pet insurance providers.

If you are interested in rehoming Zelda, please fill out the application form below.

Please note: due to limited resources we are unable to get back to everyone. If you do not hear from us you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. 

Zelda - Cat Number 1153