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*Applications now closed*

Wanda – Dog Number 2100 – Age (approx) 8 years – Cavalier KC Spaniel – Arrival Date – April 2022.

Wanda is a little sweetheart she is often found in her own little world or snoozing on the sofa, Wanda can be quite the little diva and likes you to know that’s she’s around and she also wants to know what you’re up to. When Wanda notices you’ve entered her little world she will toddle straight over to say hi, she is not phased at all by meeting strangers, or anything at all really!!

Wanda does have some health concerns that would require her new family to commit to her long-term health care. She currently needs two lots of eyedrops daily and will do for the rest of her life, and she also has cataracts in the left eye. Wanda also has a head tilt that after full investigation we are unable to find the cause.

Wanda does not let any of her health issues get in the way of her living her best life, she often falls over if she rushes too quickly and she can struggle with going downstairs. Due to Wanda’s lack of fear she will need to be confined to one level, as she has no fear of the stairs so will happily wander off up the stairs. Wandas new family will need to have eyes in the back of their head at times as she often lands herself in tricky situations around the house. Wanda is a real beauty and you cant help but love her and her quirky ways, she brings real joy to your soul.

Because we do not know the cause of Wanda’s head tilt we cannot say if this will cause any further issues in her future and her new owners must be prepared that she may need regular veterinary care.

*Applications for Wanda are now closed while our rehoming team assess those already submitted*