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Snowy & Autumn

By 13th May 2022Cats

Cat Numbers 2023 & 2024 – Age (approx) 6 years – Arrival Date March 2022

Snowy & Autumn are outdoor cats looking to be rehomed together and can live with children aged 14+.

Snowy & Autumn are a loving pair of cats, who very much enjoy spending time together but are also happy spend time alone and do their own thing. They have lived together their whole lives and have a very typical sibling relationship! They love being outside, but are also still very friendly and affectionate when they are done exploring the outdoors.

Autumn is the more independent of the two, she can be a bit stand-offish as she gets to know you, but once she’s happy she’s a very affectionate girl. Autumn likes to spend a lot of time outdoors hunting. She gets a bit of an advantage hunting wise – thanks to a few extra toes! Once she has returned from one of her adventures, she loves to cuddle up to her humans and sister.

Snowy is also fairly independent, but less so than Autumn. She is quite happy to meet any new people and she loves to follow Autumn around, wanting to be close when Autumn allows it. She can be super cuddly when she’s in the mood for affection and likes to snuggle into you when you pick her up.

Snowy & Autumn are looking for a forever home with lots of rural space to roam, as they love being outdoors for long periods of time. They would also love a family who is happy for them to return home at the end of the day and get lots of cuddles.

If you are interested in rehoming Snowy & Autumn, please fill out the application form below.

Please note: due to limited resources we are unable to get back to everyone. If you do not hear from us you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

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