DIY FOF is a campaign we are launching to appeal for your help so we can Fix Our Fence (FOF). Our perimeter fence is in desperate need of repair to keep our animals safe from harm.

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Product Description

Our perimeter fence serves a very important purpose, to keep our animals safe and secure. Without this fence our resident farm animals wouldn’t have anywhere to call home and our animals looking for homes would be vulnerable to the dangers of the outside world.

When our fence was first built many years ago, the wooden posts which hold the fence were fit for purpose.

As the years pass by, the posts have weakened and continue to do so, especially with the bad weather we’ve had over the last couple of years.

We now desperately need to replace these wooden posts with metal posts which will provide better security for our animals but we need your help.

Can you help by donating a post?

Each post costs £85 to replace. We will display a plaque on our byre with your name or your business name for those who donate a post.


Please leave the name/business name you’d like displayed on your plaque in the “order notes” box when you get to the checkout.