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By 23rd May 2022Cats

Cat Number 1752 – Age (approx) 8 years – Arrival Date November 2021.

Molly is an outdoor cat who can live with children age 12+.

Molly is an absolute sweetheart; she is a quiet girl who is happiest when having a cuddle with her human friends or all snuggled up in a nice cosy spot.

Molly is an older girl who likes her comforts, and peace and quiet. Whilst in our care she’s been a calm cat that prefers her bed over playtime, however she does have a soft spot for catnip toys, she especially loves her catnip mice that she can hide in her bed.

She’s a very friendly girl who also enjoys all the snuggles she can get, if you start stroking Molly she will let you know how much she’s enjoying it by nudging into you asking for more. She’s also okay to be picked up and will happily stay there for some cuddles.

We feel Molly will settle in well with any family that can offer her a calm environment with a nice comfy bed, and a warm lap to have a cuddle and a nap.

Molly has been found to suffer from mild Inflammatory bowel disease and she will require life-long treatment in the form of a regular injection to keep manage her symptoms. We are looking to place her in a potential forever home on a foster basis to be monitored initially, to identify how regular her injections will need to be and to see if moving to a less stressful environment will help improve her symptoms. Molly is looking for a foster family who would be wanting to adopt her once her stomach has settled, to eliminate the stress of her moving homes again.

Molly also has a grade 2 heart murmur. Heart murmurs are common in cats, and grade 2 is on the lower end of the scale. Whilst it’s not causing Molly any issues at the moment, please note that if she did need any further heart investigation or treatment in the future, it may be excluded by pet insurance as a pre-existing condition.

If you are interested in fostering and rehoming Molly, please fill out the application form below.

Please note: due to limited resources we are unable to get back to everyone. If you do not hear from us you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

Molly – Cat Number 1752
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