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We’re on foster with our potential forever family, wish us luck!

Maya & Lewy – Dog Number 2865 & 2866- Age (approx) 9 & 10 years old – Bichon Frise & Chihuahua – Arrival Date – April 2023.

Maya and Lewy are looking for a home together where they could live with children 10+ and small animals but no other dogs

Maya and Lewy are a really adorable pair of dogs who are really well bonded. As they are slightly older they are looking for a retirement home where they will get short walks and lots of cosy relaxation time at home

Maya is quite a confident and outgoing girl who will try and get as close to you as possible for some fuss, on the other hand Lewy is quite a timid and shy boy who takes his time getting to know you, then once he does, enjoys curling up in your lap

Maya and Lewy have both received medical care with us, and Maya will need lifelong treatment, we will discuss this further with any successful applicants