By 2nd November 2018Cats

Lucy –  Cat Number 303 – Age (approx.) 14 years –  Arrival Date October 2018.

Lucy will come over to greet you as she loves to have company and she will meow as you stroke her to show her appreciation. She isn’t a huge fan of playing as she would rather jump up onto your knee for a cuddle.
Lucy does love her treats, however she isn’t allowed too many as she needs to have her weight controlled.
Lucy can be picked up but again she would rather be sitting on your knee. Lucy isn’t a fan of being groomed.
We are looking for a home without young children for Lucy (aged 16+) but with owners who have lots of time for her.
Lucy is a lovely, sweet girl who is a pleasure to be around, she enjoys being fussed over and getting attention. Fleece blankets are also a winner with Lucy and certainly a way to her heart.