Lost Animals

If you have lost your pet, please call our Claremont Road shelter on 0191 232 2878. It is also recommended that you also call our Benton shelter on 0191 215 0435 especially for lost cats.

All lost animals which are brought into us are boarded with us for 7 days. After the initial 7 days, the animals are assessed and if necessary receive behavioural training as well as being neutered before being put up for adoption.

When a stray animal is brought in to Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter we scan them for a microchip, vaccinate, worm and flea treat them. This is to help prevent the chance of illness among the animals and also to help alleviate any minor issues your animal may be suffering from after their time on the streets.

You may be asked to visit with photos as sometimes a telephone call to us is not enough as collars & tags can fall off, descriptions may vary and occasionally a microchip cannot be found.

You MUST bring photographic ID (passport/driving licence) and proof of address when reclaiming a lost pet.

Please make sure your pets are microchipped and keep your details, especially telephone numbers, up to date.

Lost Dogs

We work in conjunction with Local Authority Dog Wardens to board the dogs that are handed in to them for 7 days in the hope that their owners will come and claim them.

The fees for claiming your dog may vary, depending upon the council who brought the dog in and the length of time it has been held.

All fees are set by the councils and must be paid before your dog can be released.

If your dog has received any veterinary treatment, you will also be responsible for the costs incurred