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Kit & Toffee

By 1st August 2022Cats

Cat Numbers 2272 & 2273 – Age (approx) 3 years & 1.5 years– Arrival Date July 2022

Kit & Toffee are outdoor cats looking to be rehomed together and can live with children of any age. The boys have also lived with a small dog before, so may be able to live with dogs.

Kit & Toffee are super friendly boys and will run over to see you as soon as they clock you. They love a fuss and will become friends with anyone they come across. Toffee is slightly more dominant than Kit and does like all the attention to be on him. Kit is the most cuddly of the two, but this can sometimes cause some jealousy from Toffee and he’ll let Kit know.

Both boys love anything covered in catnip to bring out their playful sides! Toffee is the more playful of the two and loves to chase string toys. The boys will make fantastic companions to a family environment, they just need to have enough new family members to give them both equal time and attention!

Toffee does have a luxating patella and an underbite, which aren’t causing him any problems at the moment, but could require treatment in the future. Please note that if he did need any treatment for either issue in the future, it may be excluded by pet insurance as a pre-existing condition.

If you are interested in rehoming Kit & Toffee, please fill out the application form below.

Please note: due to limited resources we are unable to get back to everyone. If you do not hear from us you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

Kit & Toffee – Cats 2272 & 2273
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