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By 23rd July 2020Cats

Hermione – Cat Number 436 – Age (approx) 5-6 Years old – Arrival Date December 2018

Hermione is a very loving girl who loves to be stroked under the chin and down her back, she will return the love by nuzzling into your neck and grooming hair in the evenings! She is very quick to warm up to strangers and builds a strong bond with whoever has some food for her.

Hermione is a playful cat who loves pompoms, exercise will benefit her as she needs to lose a bit of weight. She can be a bit greedy so she will need a family with strong willpower. Hermione will make an amazing addition to any family.

Hermione used to be an outdoor cat, however for the last year and a half she has been living as a housecat so she would be happy either way.

Hermione is on long-term medication for a skin condition and hip dysplasia. The quote for the medication that our vets have given us is £164.03 for every 3 months, please note that she would also need blood tests done every 3 months to make sure the medication is not affecting her body. Please note that your pet insurance will be limited as pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Hermione also has grade 1 heart murmur, although this is very common in cats, isn’t causing her any problems at the moment and is on the lowest end of the scale it will still affect your pet insurance options as heart conditions will very likely not be covered.

If you are interested in rehoming Hermione, please fill out the application form below.

Please note: due to limited resources we are unable to get back to everyone. If you do not hear from us you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. 

Hermione - Cat Number 436