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Harley & Bentley

By 31st October 2021Dogs

Harley & Bentley – Dog Number 1639 – Age (approx) 6 & 4 years old – Jack-u-huahua & Chihuahua – Arrival Date – October 2021.

Harley & Bentley can live with children 8+. They can live with other dogs, but no cats or small animals.

Harley & Bentley are the most adorable pair of small dogs. They can both be a little shy to begin with but get great courage from each other and soon enjoy some fuss and a cuddle.

Harley has suffered ear infections in the past so this is something to be mindful of as she may need future treatment and insurers are unlikely to cover this, and Bentley does sadly have a grade 2 heart murmur though this doesn’t pose any current issues.

Harley & Bentley will be best suited to a calm and quiet home with plenty of time to spend spoiling them rotten and encouraging them out of their shells. We have no doubt they will be your best friends in no time bringing laughs and fun to your home every day!

If you are interested in rehoming Harley & Bentley, please fill out the application form below.

Please note: due to limited resources we are unable to get back to everyone. If you do not hear from us you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. 

Harley & Bentley - Dogs Number 1665 & 1666