Sponsor a Kennel


Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter receive thousands of lost, unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals every year. Every attempt is made to reunite lost animals with their owners but unfortunately many are not reclaimed and we then begin the search for a loving new home. Owning a pet is a big commitment and if you love animals but are unable to take a pet of your own then why not consider sponsoring a kennel.

Sponsor a kennel and you will be making a huge difference to the lives of our four-legged residents. Your sponsorship will help to provide staff to care for them, heating to keep them warm and veterinary treatment when needed. In return you will receive a certificate of sponsorship, a car sticker and our magazine “Shelter Life” twice a year.

For £5 or more a month, your name will appear on the “Wall of Hope” in your chosen shelter’s reception and for sponsorship of £1,000 or more per year, your name (or company name) will be engraved on a plaque outside your sponsored kennel. So why not get together with your friends or colleagues and raise the funds to sponsor a kennel and proudly display your plaque.

Become a sponsor and you will be joining the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter family and helping us to care for thousands of animals every year until they find the loving home they so desperately deserve.


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