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Patch – Dog number 74 – Breed Lurcher – Age (approx.) 2 years old – Arrival date June 2018

More info coming soon! In the meantime call us on 0191 215 0435 for further information.


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Blaize – Dog number 405 – Breed Lurcher – Age (approx.) 2 years old – Arrival date November 2018

Blaize is a gentle and affectionate boy who always comes over for a cuddle with his constantly wagging tail as he adores attention. He is sociable and polite with his doggy friends and wants to share all of his toys with you.

Blaize hasn’t lived in a home before and is used to living in kennels, so a home with patience while Blaize adapts to home life would be required. Also, a home without children younger than 16 would benefit Blaize and help him settle in to a calmer environment with adults that can give him time and patience to settle.


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Princess – Dog number 413 – Breed Greyhound – Age (approx.) 6 years old – Arrival Date June 2018

More info coming soon! In the meantime call us on 0191 215 0435 for further information.


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Beauty- Dog number 419 – Breed Husky – Age (approx.) 1 year old- Arrival date June 2018.

More info coming soon! In the meantime call us on 0191 215 0435 for further information.

Sasha & Toby

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Sasha and Toby – Dog number 417 and 418 – Breed Terrier Crossbreeds – Age (approx.) 8 years old – Arrival date November 2018

Sasha is a very loving lady, she loves cuddling up and being with Toby. She is more interested in getting your attention than she is in toys or treats.

Toby loves his treats and he will even try to steal Sasha’s. Toby is a sweet chap, his walks with Sasha, having a comfy bed with lots of strokes and cuddles is all he needs to be happy.

Sasha & Toby are very close to one another so will need to be rehomed together as the only dogs in the household. A very sweet pair that will be straight over to greet you with a wagging tail and puppy dog eyes.


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Chase – Dog number 402 – Breed Lurcher – Age (approx.) 1 year old – Arrival date November 2018

Chase loves meeting new people and will bound over excitedly to greet you. He can be a little boisterous but will also listen when told. Chase will do anything for a treat or a toy and he is eager to please! Chase is full of energy and is never still, he’s a very intelligent boy and will require a home that can give him the mental stimulation he needs. Also, a home that has no children would be best for Chase, this is through no fault of his own, he simply forgets his size and may knock over little ones. It’s never a dull day in Chase’s world, there is always adventure and excitement around every corner. He will keep you on your toes and will always make you laugh, an amazing boy.


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Ed – Dog number 394 – Breed Staffordshire bull terrier X Malinois – Age (approx.) 4 years old – Arrival date November 2018

Ed is a very polite boy, he enjoys attention but often doesn’t know how to express that. Although Ed is rather shy and reserved at times, he is really improving, especially once he has a foundation of trust with you. A home without young children would suit Ed  due to his nervousness. He is a true gentleman that likes to meet his doggy friends too. Ed would love a patient, loving home that can provide plenty of exercise and cosy blankets to come home to.


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Chaplin – Dog number 44 – Breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier X – Age (approx.) 2 years old – Arrival date November 2018

Chaplin is an absolute sweetheart, he loves snuggling up by your side and getting a big cuddle. He is still very young so has lots of energy and loves to play!

Chaplin would make a great addition to any home that has the time for additional training and love. He may have little legs but he has a big personality and a loving, lively soul.


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Bruce – Dog number 385 – Breed Staffordshire Bull terrier X Jack Russell Terrier -Age (approx.) 3 years old – Arrival date October 2018

Bruce hasn’t had the best start in life, because of this he is looking for a quiet and understanding home that will really put the time and effort in to help him flourish in to the wonderful, charismatic boy we know he can be. He thoroughly enjoys his play time and will wait excitedly with a wagging tail for you to throw his toys. Once Bruce has formed a bond he is truly an amazing boy to spend time with.


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Rita – Dog Number 346 – Breed Lurcher – Age (approx.) 2 years – Arrival Date October 2018.
Rita is a very friendly girl who loves to meet new people. She has a very playful and affectionate nature.
Rita is very sociable around other dogs, however we are looking for a home without small animals.
This gorgeous girl would enjoy a family home where she can have lots of stimulation to keep her busy and entertained. Rita does play gentle, however she can bounce around so we would be looking for a home with older children (aged 10+).