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Cat gifted form

By 27th October 2022Uncategorised

We appreciate it is a hard decision to bring your cat in for adoption, we are not here to judge you only to offer support and understanding.

Please complete this form with as much detail as possible, this allows us to understand your cats needs when we are looking for a new forever home for them. We appreciate this form will take time to complete as there are multiple questions we need to ask, please understand this will benefit your cat in the future.

If you are looking to give more than one cat up for adoption a form must be completed for each cat.

Once we have received your form, we will contact you to discuss the process and the next steps, usually within 48 hours of receiving your form.

Gifted Cat form
Is the cat neutered?
Is the cat male or female?
Is the cat microchipped?
Is the cat microchipped to you?
Is the cat vaccinated?
Is the cat up to date with flea treatments?
Is the cat wormed up to date?
Do you have a secure cat carrier?
Has your cat lived with other cats?
If multiple cats are being rehomed are they related?
Do the cats ever play together?
Do the cats ever groom each other?
Do the cats rub up against each other?
Do the cats sleep physically touching each other?
Is there ever any aggressive behaviour between the cats?
Is there any resource guarding between the cats? E.g., litter tray, food, cat flap etc
Do the cats sleep physically touching each other?
Has the cat ever lived with dogs?
How does the dog behave around the cat?
How does the cat act around the dog?
Does your cat have any ongoing medical conditions?
Is your cat currently on any medication?
Does your cat have any known allergies or special diet requirements?
Are there any previous medical concerns or injuries we should be aware of?
How does your cat respond in the home environment?
Describe how your cat responds to being groomed?
Are there any parts of your cat’s body they do not like to be touched?
Does your cat enjoy sitting on laps?
Does your cat like to play with toys?
Does your cat get overexcited and scratch or bite during play?
Have fingers or toes ever been used as toys for your cat?
Does your cat have a scratching post?
Does your cat currently or have they previously displayed any of these behavioural problems?
Does your cat get overexcited and scratch or bite during play?
Is your cat frightened of anything?
Which best describes your cats indoor/outdoor access?
If the cat has outdoor access, how do they gain access?
How would you best describe the outside environment the cat is used to?
Does your cat hunt?