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By | Missing Pets

My cat Alex has been missing from Rosewood Gardens just off Kenton Lane since Saturday 12th November. 

Alex is a grey and white, rather chubby male cat approximately 12 years old. 

He hates the out doors and never normally ventured more than 2 meters from the door (even in the sunshine).

Alex is very affectionate with a loud purr but little actual meow/voice.

I have attached photos for your reference and can be contacted on 07717872604 should he be handed in or found. 

Thank you so much for your help.


By | Missing Pets

Zelda is a 2-year-old female neutered and chipped.
Went missing from Lemington NE15 area Saturday 10th October.
Wearing a black and white collar with a bell on. Friendly but nervous.

Any information please contact kerihildreth@googlemail.com


By | Missing Pets

Loki is a male Savannah cat and is almost 4 years old. He went missing the weekend of 8th/9th Oct in Wylam.

Many thanks,

Anya Fletcher 



By | Missing Pets

My cat Boo has been missing since the beginning of September for around 7 weeks now. From Newbiggin Hall near Langleeford Road. She is 7 years old, has green eyes, extremely fluffy. She is light grey with hints of beige and white on her neck. She is extremely friendly, especially if you feed her. 

Contact Lynsey on 07961525101.



By | Missing Pets

Malone is two years old and missing from Annville Crescent in the walker road area ne6 3xg Newcastle upon Tyne since the middle of September 2022.
He is not neutered or microchipped.
Please contact Natalie Thompson on 07432781630 or sunnynat16@outlook.com. Thank you


By | Missing Pets

My cat – Karmelek has been missing since 15 August (may be longer as we were on holiday from 01.08).

He is 3 year old and neither neutered nor chipped. He went missing for a week from time to time.

He is ginger with the unique black spot on the nose.

He is not easy to approach and afraid of loud noises.

If you have any information please contact IZABELA RUCINSKA iza.jedynak@gmail.com


By | Missing Pets

My black and white male neutered cat “Simon” went missing from Broomy Hill Road, Throckley on the evening of Tuesday 9th August and has not been seen since. 

He is microchipped and the chip company have been notified that he is missing.  Simon is very friendly and a chatter box with a distinctive high pitched Meow! He has amber coloured eyes and is quite tall with long legs and quite a long tail!

Please could you contact me (Helen) on 07739497231


By | Missing Pets

My cat Blue went missing on Saturday morning, he is a house cat but likes to sit in the garden, he got chased by another cat and they fought, he got scared and ran off, we are from Newbiggin Hall Newcastle, he is black and white, black on the top of his head and one ear and his back, 4 white legs and under belly and one white ear, he is a big (tall) cat with long legs, he is 2 year old, spayed and chipped, he is a nervous cat around people and doesn’t like loud noises

Any sighting could you please let me know, I am absolutely desperate to have him home



By | Missing Pets

Missing from Romsey Close, Parkside Glade, Cramlington on Tuesday 9 August approximately 10 30 am. 

Pebbles small tortoise shell and white cat with no tail. 8 years old. Very timid and nervous, may have got into a car or delivery van and so unable to find her way home.

Does not like being picked up.

If found or sighted please contact 07784 964099


By | Missing Pets

Krishna is a tortoiseshell cat that has been missing since the 17th of July from Gosforth area. She is 3 years old and is both neutered and microchipped.

She routinely leaves the house in the evening and returns the next morning for breakfast but did not come back on the morning of the 18th July.

She has a small ginger patch on her forehead and the bottom of her stomach and had bells tied on her neck; but these have fallen off before so she may not be wearing them anymore.

Could you please contact Smitha on h.menon17@yahoo.com if you have any information.