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Gandalf – Cat number 380- Age (approx.) 1 year old- Arrival date November 2018

Gandalf is a very friendly lad, he loves being around people and being the centre of attention. The moment he hears or see’s you he will run over and brush himself against your legs. Gandalf is very playful, he loves chasing toys on a stick. When he’s alone he’ll often play with little bell balls and entertain himself throwing them around the room. Gandalf would be happiest in a family environment where he can play and explore his surroundings.


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Blossom- Cat number 357- Age (approx.) 2 years old- Arrival date November 2018.

Blossom is a rather shy and independent girl with a very sweet soul. She appreciates her peace and quiet and due to her slightly nervous nature a home that can provide this would be best. We feel that with time and patience Blossom could come out of her shell and enjoy human company, especially with an owner that has experience with nervous cats.


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Cindy- Cat number 68- Age (approx.) 1 year old- Arrival date June 2018.

Cindy is very playful and will run over to you for a little love, she will rub against you for attention and is a very friendly cat, a home with children no younger than 10 would best suit Cindy as she can nip during play.

Sindy and Sonny

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Sindy and Sonny- Cat numbers 313 and 314- Age (approx.) 3 and 2 years old- Arrival date October 2018.

Sindy and Sonny are a beautiful pair of house cats. Sindy is a confident girl that loves nothing more than human affection and cuddles. She is completely deaf but does not let this affect her outgoing personality. Sonny is a friendly boy, who with love and affection will become the confident boy we know he can be. He is also very hard of hearing so a nice calm home would be perfect for this beautiful pair. As both mother and son are very hard of hearing, a home with adults only would be best, this is so they can enjoy a calmer environment.


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Ariel- Cat number 321- Age (approx.) 10 years old- Arrival date October 2018.

Ariel is always pleased to see you and will let you know by being quite vocal! She will also let you know when it’s dinner time by shouting at you. Ariel is a sweet, older girl who is very set in her ways, she loves routine and would enjoy a loving and quiet home with no children.


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Samantha- Cat number 355- Age (approx.) 6 years old- Arrival date November 2018

Samantha will run over right away for attention, while being very vocal to let you know she needs attention! She loves a scratching post and will over indulge herself with treats if given the chance, her eating will need continually monitored as she is a little chunky. Samantha’s previous owner mentioned she was not a fan of children, so a home that is adults only would be required. She will make a lovely addition to the right family.


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Alfie –  Cat Number 361 – Ages (approx.) 10 years – Arrival Date November 2018.

Alfie is a shy boy who has a heart of gold once he opens up and lets you in. He is looking for a home with patient and experienced owners who can help him to settle and overcome his shyness.

Maggie & Maureen

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Maggie & Maureen –  Cat Numbers 389 (Maggie), 309 (Maureen) – Ages (approx.) 2 years – Arrival Date November 2018.

Maggie can be a little timid at first but she does really bond with people once she has spent enough time with them and gotten to know them a little better.

Maureen is a little more confident than Maggie as she will come over to greet you and get some cuddles.

Maggie & Maureen are looking for a quiet home without children so they have a peaceful home where they can relax and enjoy their surroundings.


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Patch – Dog number 74 – Breed Lurcher – Age (approx.) 2 years old – Arrival date June 2018

More info coming soon! In the meantime call us on 0191 215 0435 for further information.


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Blaize – Dog number 405 – Breed Lurcher – Age (approx.) 2 years old – Arrival date November 2018

Blaize is a gentle and affectionate boy who always comes over for a cuddle with his constantly wagging tail as he adores attention. He is sociable and polite with his doggy friends and wants to share all of his toys with you.

Blaize hasn’t lived in a home before and is used to living in kennels, so a home with patience while Blaize adapts to home life would be required. Also, a home without children younger than 16 would benefit Blaize and help him settle in to a calmer environment with adults that can give him time and patience to settle.